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Sunday, December 9, 2018

2018 Fall NAVHDA Tests - NA, UPT, UT

September 21, 22 & 23 - Fri, Sat & Sun at 7:00 AM (Rain or Shine)

Henke-Benson Farm 
Ray Carter, Test Secretary [Email]

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[Driving Directions] [Local Lodging]

Chukar will be used for the NA, UT & UPT Field Search. We guarantee every dog will have their own, fresh birds for each portion of their Test.
Meals:  Breakfast and Lunch will be available for purchase on site.


Test Entry Fee: $110 for NA, $160 for UPT, $160 for UT.


To receive a refund of your Test Entry Fee, you must cancel two weeks or more prior to the day of the Test by contacting the Test Secretary. Late cancellations, for any reason, will result in a forfeiture of your Test Entry Fee.

Who Can Enter? Any NAVHDA-registered versatile hunting dog
How to Enter: Send one complete Test Entry Form and the Test Entry Fee for each dog you are entering to:


Ray Carter
11640 61st Ave. Place
Blue Grass, IA 52726

Test Secretary

Chapter Member Volunteers Needed!

If you can help with any of the following positions, please contact Ray Carter at 563-381-1496
  • Judge Steward
    (Looks after comfort / needs of judges.)
  • Bird Dresser
    (Clean harvested birds.)
  • Bird Planters
    (Use 4-wheelers and Chuck Wagon to plant birds for field tests.)
  • Food Organizer
    (Coordinates lunch plans.) 
  • Gunners
    (1 for each NA field test to fire blanks - minimal walking; 2 for each UPT/UT field test - much walking; 1 diversion gunner for each UPT/UT water retrieve test - no walking.)
  • Field Marshall
    (Have next handler/dog ready. Have next event setup/ready. Keep gallery from interfering.)
Registration & Payment

The Natural Ability Test

The Natural Ability Test is designed to evaluate the inherent natural abilities of young dogs and gain insight into their possible usefulness as versatile gun dogs. It rates seven important inherited abilities: nose, search, tracking, pointing, water, desire and cooperation.

 [Test Description] [Scoring Info]

Test entrants are judged one at a time, by three judges, with their performance scored against a standard. Prizes are awarded on the basis of numerical scores achieved in the test. Each dog that meets or exceeds minimum standards in all areas of work is placed in one of three categories: Prize I, II or III. Prize I being the highest classification. If all dogs entered in a NAVHDA test perform very well, all can receive a Prize I.

[Overview]   [Aims • Programs • Test Rules]

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